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New promotional still from "Noah"

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Emma Watson at JFK airport on April 20th, 2014

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Emma today at Heathrow Airport 

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Emma arrives at Heathrow Airport on April, 21
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Emma Watson wearing Narciso Rodriguez at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of ‘Boulevard’

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Emma attending The Tribeca Film Festival

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I want to be the person who feels great in her body and can say that she loves it and doesn’t want to change anything.

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  “Ignoring fame was my rebellion, in a funny way. I was insistent on being normal and doing normal things. It probably wasn’t advisable to go to college in America and room with a complete stranger. And it probably wasn’t wise to share a bathroom with eight other people in a coed dorm. Looking back, that was crazy.” —Emma Watson

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Emma Watson is a British actress most notable for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. Since graduating from the Potter franchise she has continued to act in films such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Bling Ring, modeled various products for Lancome, and has still managed to find time to study at Oxford.

I'm not affiliated with Emma, I'm just a fan; nor do I own or claim to own any of the images posted here. I do my best to update regularly, but it's not always possible, so please forgive my sporadic posting. Also, this is a secondary/side blog so I personally can't follow anyone from here - sorry! But thank you so much for following. x

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